AIP IT & Administrative Support
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AIP information technology specialists and administrative support

IT specialists  |  Administrative support

Information technology specialists

Lillian Bachellor

Lillian R. Bacheller

Information Technology Specialist (Operating Systems)
(301) 504-8678

Oversees systems programming for workstations. Responsible for database administration. Responds to specific questions regarding individual edits.

Gary Fok


Gary C. Fok

Information Technology Specialist (Applications Software)
(301) 504-8675

Provides computer programming support. Codes software applications and utilities by using C programming language, SQL for DB2, and SAS on a UNIX workstation.

Jay Megonigal


Joel (Jay) H. Megonigal, Jr.

Information Technology Specialist (Applications Software)
(301) 504-8676

Provides computer programming support. Responsible for writing code to process and edit incoming data. Manages promotion of programs to production status and backup, and restore facilities on UNIX workstations.

Frank Ross


Frank A. Ross, Jr.

Information Technology Specialist (Systems Administration)
(301) 504-8663

Manages local area network and personal computers. Manages internet server and applications. Installs and upgrades personal computer hardware and software.

Administrative support

Kim Fletcher-Carroll


Kimberlee (Kim) M. Fletcher-Carroll

Program Support Assistant
(301) 504-8334

Provides administrative support, including in-house and extramural agreements, finance and budget, travel, real property and facility maintenance, manuscripts and correspondence, human resources, and filing. Assists in web site maintenance.

Last Modified: 06/27/2014