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Research Geneticists || Laboratory Partners

AIPL Research Geneticists

George Wiggans Wiggans, George
(301) 504-8407

Investigates methods to improve accuracy of genetic evaluations of yield traits, type traits, and calving ease, including use of genomic data. Conducts genetic evaluation of dairy goats. Advises on procedures to develop, improve, and access the national database and on distribution of evaluation information.

Paul VanRaden VanRaden, Paul
(301) 504-9438

Investigates genetic differences among dairy cattle for yield, longevity, fertility, and udder health traits. Determines economic values for traits included in Net Merit. Examines effects of inbreeding, crossbreeding, and non-additive genetic merit. Develops statistical methods to improve national and international genetic evaluations and to use genomic data in predictions.

John Cole Cole, John
(301) 504-8665

Investigates genetic differences among dairy cattle for calving ease, stillbirth, persistency of yield, and health traits. Develops tools for analyzing genomic data. Studies relationships between genetic markers with large effects and economically important phenotypes. Evaluates changes in genetic diversity in U.S. dairy cattle over time.

Derek Bickhart Bickhart, Derek
(301) 504-8592

Investigates methods to utilize sequence data to improve the accuracy of genetic evaluations. Develops tools for analyzing sequence and array-based genomic data. Studies the impact of trans-generational epigenetic effects on genetic prediction. Conducts research using genetic annotations and functional predictions to refine disease loci and discover causative variants.

AIPL Laboratory Partners

Curt Van Tassell

Van Tassell, Curt
Bovine Functional Genomics Laboratory
(301) 504-9271

Works between the Bovine Functional Genomics Laboratory and the Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory. Develops and implements methodologies for detection and characterization of quantitative trait loci (QTL) in cattle. Designs, conducts, and evaluates research to improve systems used in the national and international genetic evaluation of dairy cattle. Develops bioinformatic tools to acquire, store, and analyze genomic data.

Last Modified: 03/11/2013