AIPL Data Exchange Documentation
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Data exchange


Pedigree, production, & reproduction data
1 Pedigree
1E Pedigree - error record
4 Lactation
4E Lactation - error record
5 Reproductive record
6 Health record
12 Interbull pedigree file
CES Calving ease scores reporting

Genetic evaluations
38 Bull/buck
40 Bull type traits
41 Cow type traits
105 Cow/doe
940 Buck type traits
941 Doe type traits
CT Calving trait
MS Milking speed
RLRV Rear legs (rear view)

2 Herd owner name & address
7 Type trait appraisal score
13 AI affiliate version of lactation error records
14 Herd test-day & yearly average
395 NAAB AI codes (AI cross-reference)
Crossbred fields
Genomic evaluation data dictionary
Genomic error codes
Data submission information
Animal identification

Last Modified: 12/11/2014