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Date Left Herd Errors

Code Description Action Returned Data Updated
6Ya Date left herd is after the current date. Change Corrected left herd date 01/11/2006
6Yb Date left herd is before end of calving, herd record. Date is blanked. Change Calving date 01/11/2006
6Yc Date left herd is after start of next calving. Date is blanked. Change Calving date 01/11/2006
6Yd Date left herd is invalid. Next calving has the same herd. Date is blanked. Change Calving date 01/11/2006
Error Codes
Complete Error Lists
Tab Separated
0  General Record
1  Animal Identification
2  Sire Identification
3  Dam Identification
4  Cross-Reference Identification
5  Birth Date
6  Nontest-Day Production
6A Center and Service-Affiliate Codes
6B Herd Code
6C Cow Control Number
6D Lactation Type Code
6E Lactation Verification Code
6F Calving Date
6G Days in Milk
6H Previous Days Dry
6I Termination Code
6J Conception Date
6K Milk Dry Code (obsolete)
6L Testing-Plan Code
6M Weight Reporting Code
6N True Protein Code
6O Testing Method Code
6P Quality Certification Code (obsolete)
6Q Lactation Deletion
6R Master File Lactation Discrepancy
6S Master File Lactation Discrepancy
6T Lactation Number Discrepancy
6U Actual Yield
6V Lactation Initiation Code
6W Days Open Verification Code
6X Number of Progeny
6Y Date Left Herd
7  Test Day
8  Reproductive Event
9  Health Event