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Test-Day Number of Milkings Weighed Errors

Code Description Action Returned Data Updated
7Fa Number of test-day milkings weighed greater than test-day milking frequency. Reject 02/13/2001
Error Codes
Complete Error Lists
Tab Separated
0  General Record
1  Animal Identification
2  Sire Identification
3  Dam Identification
4  Cross-Reference Identification
5  Birth Date
6  Nontest-Day Production
7  Test Day
7A Number of Test-Day Segments
7B Test-Day Days in Milk
7C Test-Day Supervision Code
7D Test-Day Status Code
7E Test-Day Milking Frequency
7F Test-Day Number of Milkings Weighed
7G Test-Day Number of Milkings Sampled
7H Test-Day Milk-Recorded-Days
7I Test-Day Actual Milk-Yield
7J Test-Day Actual Fat Percentage
7K Test-Day Actual Protein Percentage
7L Test-Day Actual Somatic Cell Score
7M Herd Test-Day Discrepancy
7N Master File Test-Day Data Discrepancy
7O Quality-Certification Code
8  Reproductive Event
9  Health Event