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Careers at the Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory

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Skills needed for employment

The Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory (AIPL) employs research geneticists and support staff that includes animal scientists, information technology specialists, and office staff. The research applies high level statistical and genetic theory to extremely large databases that contain records for millions of dairy animals. Computer programming, math, science, and English skills are required for almost all positions at AIPL. Specific knowledge of SAS, C, Fortran, or DB2 and advanced courses in statistics are all useful. Data analysis requires an understanding of the data collected and of genetic principles. Thus, experience with dairy cattle breeding and college training in animal sciences are both useful. Graduate degrees and training in animal breeding, genetics, and statistics are necessary for research geneticist positions.

Current job openings


Career opportunities

The links below are to current ARS job openings listed at the official job site of the U.S. Federal Government, USAJOBS.

ARS openings in Beltsville, MD
ARS openings in Maryland
ARS openings nationwide

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