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Animal breeding and genetics publications from other contributors

  • Cassell, B. Can genetics improve health traits? Hoard's Dairyman 150(4):137. 2005.
    [Posted with permission by Hoard's Dairyman]

  • Cassell, B. It takes science to turn records into proofs. Hoard's Dairyman 149(12):453. 2004.
    [Posted with permission by Hoard's Dairyman]

  • Graves, R. R. Transmitting ability of twenty-three Holstein-Friesian sires. USDA Dept. Bull. 1372. 1926.

  • Selner, D. Management traits – milk, test and type. The Red Bloodlines 82(May/June):16. 2005.
    [Posted with permission by The Red Bloodlines, the official publication of the Red & White Dairy Cattle Association]

  • Wright, S. Coefficients of inbreeding and relationship. The American Naturalist 26:330–338. 1922.

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